Employment Principle

    ACCB always believes that everyone has his or her gift. Our employment principle is to fully leverage everyone’s talent, and to utilize people’s talents respectively. During recruiting and promoting, we prioritize “fairness, justice, clarity, competition, and great performance”.
    The company provides excellent development platform and sufficient promotion opportunities. At the first day, a bunch of training has been planned for new hirers, including onboarding training, on-the-job training, and all kinds of internal and external training. Face to face meetings are set up regularly, between the new employees and company’s senior management team, so that the new hires can pick up soon and really become a team player. Employees are also given transition chance via applying the vacant positions in the company through self-recommendation and internal recruiting, to find their best interests.
    Each year, an oversea trip is organized for the best performance employees, in order to bring talents abroad, open their minds, and build up their insights. You can also join various group activities and team building events, to get to know each other, and to practice team work.
    The company provides competitive salary, as well as all the fundamental insurances and housing found. We rent badminton and basket ball playground weekly for the employees to work out, and we provide annual physical check. On Chinese traditional holidays, we prepare different kinds of well-designed employee benefits.
    Many of the senior management team members are either doctors or post graduates from Tsinghua University, or oversea talents. We value expertise, we care talents, and we look forward to your joining! We are expecting more talents to join us, and to bring fresh blood to the great team!

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