ACCB Was Awarded the External Quality Assessment Certificate of HER2 Detection by the National Center for Clinical Laboratories


    In 2014, the National Center for Clinical Laboratories (NCCL) launched the campaign of HER2 expansion FISH detection external quality assessment on a national scale. As the first training center of Vysis fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), Jiaxing ACCB Medical Institute passed the assessment successfully and was awarded the External Quality Assessment Certificate.
    ACCB Medical Institute, located in abundant Jiaxing, is not only a leading talent project enterprise, but also an important oversea imported project of the Yangtze River Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University. Now, ACCB Medical Institute has collaborated with Abbot and established the only Vysis® FISH standardized pilot laboratory in China , which is responsible for the training of the Vysis® FISH customers.
    The external quality assessment is not only a crucial guarantee for laboratory detection quality, but also an essential requirement of clinical laboratory administrative management and accreditation around the world. The external quality assessment of NCCL will be supported and sustained attention by ACCB..ACCB will become the pioneer of the standardized detection in the third-party clinical testing companies in China through warranting and improving its detection quality.

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