Support for Pineapple


Who is Mr. Pineapple?
    His real name is Li Zhizhong. He got his bachelor degree from Tsinghua University, and his Ph.D. from Duke. Currently, Dr. Li is a senior researcher on cancer drugs in a multinational pharmaceutical company. He has been writing articles about cancer for laypersons since July 2014. Acollection of43 blogs have been published on Wechat. His latest blog had 10,000 readers. He is raising fund for publishing his new book “Cancer, the Truth”to inform the public about the truth of cancer and help people fight against it.
How can you support?                             
    Click the link belowfor the fund-raising website, and donate money for publishingthe new book.

What’s the reward for donators?
    ACCB is a biotech company focusing on molecular diagnostics in personalized medicine for cancer. The founders of ACCB were three alumnifrom Biology departmentof Tsinghua University. ACCB has always been an active advocate in anti-cancer field. To encourage donating for Pineapple’s book, ACCB will randomly choose 10 people who contribute 2000 yuan or more, and offer each one a 10,000-yuan package of genetic testing for free.

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