Focus on CSCO 2015 & ACCB——NGS and Cancer Diagnosis


CSCO 2015
    The 18th Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology will be held at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Centerfrom Sept. 17th to Sept. 21th, 2015. The theme of this conference is “Improve Multidisciplinary Cooperation, Advocate Scientific Management
”.Theconferenceadheresto the tenet of CSCO, which is to facilitate the national and international academicexchangesin the field of clinical oncology, to increase collaborationinscience and technology, to encourage and support clinical research and innovation, to advocate standardized integrated treatment, and to promotedisciplinary development.
ACCB Session
    The US president Obama and the China’s presidentXi Jinping both proposed the grand visionof precision medicine, withthe use of information of human gene sequencing to facilitate medical diagnosis and treatment. TheNGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) is essential in the precision medicine initiative, asit is recommended byNCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) to detect multiple molecular targets simultaneously. As a pioneer in precision medicine, ACCB is honored to sponsor a sessionthemed“NGS and Cancer Diagnosis”. We warmly welcome everyone to join the discussion on the latest developmentin clinical application ofNGS in oncology. For further information, please visit ACCB’sexhibition booth on NGS and other molecular products.
ACCB session:
Theme: NGS and Cancer Diagnosis
Location: International Conference Center Hotel 1E
Time: Sept. 19th,14:30-17:00
ACCB Booth:
Location: Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center
Booth No.: T11
Time: Sept. 17th to Sept. 21th


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